Playlist der Sendung am 27. Dezember 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Shinedown, Breaking inside
2) Richard Marx, Your world
3) Hypocrisy, Fractured Millenium
4) Frank Ifield, Angry at the big oak tree
5) Mindbenders, Can't live with you can't live without you
6) Art Garfunkel, All I know
7) South Park, You're a better man than I
8) Ralf Bursy, Tanz auf dem Seil
9) Ralf Bursy, Wer bist denn du
10) Sahara, The source Part 1
11) Can, Safe
12) Snow Patrol, Shut your eyes

Playlist der Sendung am 22. November 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Thirteen Senses, Thru the glass
2) Editors, An end has a start
3) Prinzip, Alles nur für Geld
4) IQ, Still life
5) Freddy Cannon, Tallahassee Lassie
6) Four Pennies, Keep the free way open
7) Val Doonican, Ring of bright water
8) William E. Kimber, Our love has gone
9) Paul Revere and the Raiders, Kicks
10) Window Speaks, In the land of Cristobal
11) Ten Sharp, Last words
12) Pat Metheny Group, This is not America

Playlist der Sendung am 25. Oktober 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Marc Almond, Beautiful brutal thing
2) Pink Floyd, Keep talking
3) Jackie Trent, When summertime is over
4) Consortium, When the day breaks
5) Valverde Brothers, River of my mind
6) Roly Daniels, Love is a symphony
7) Verdelle Smith, I don't need anything
8) ATB, I don't wanna stop
9) Nik Page, Dein Kuss
10) Schiller, Let me love you
11) Schiller, Ein schöner Tag
12) Fares Karam, El Akhras
13) Manantial, Rain Dance
14) Five Finger Death Punch, Death before dishonor

Playlist der Sendung am 27. September 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Eric Burdon, Good times
2) The Roaring 60ies, We love the pirates
3) Outer Limits, The great train robbery
4) Jason Cord, I’ve got my eyes on you
5) Nightwish, Nemo
6) A-Ha, Thought I was you
7) Ruiky Sakamoto, You do me
8) Sheena Easton, Ice out in the rain
9) Lost Boys, Powerplay
10) Interpol, Nr.1 in threesome
11) Killing Joke, Twilight of the mortal
12) Saga, Cat walk
13) Camouflage, Lost
14) Mary Ravers, Single wing

Playlist der Sendung am 23. August 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Tom Jones/Sarah Brightman, Something In The Air
2) Strangeways, Out Of The Blue
3) Rainbow, Catch The Rainbow
4) Daryl Braithwaite, All I Do
5) Silly, Alles wird besser, aber nichts wird gut
6) Marco Borsato, Perche Lo Fai
7) Laura Pausini, Io Canto
8) Barry Ryan, My Mama
9) Bachelors, Love Me With All Your Heart
10) Mindbenders, Can't Live With You Can't Live Without You
11) Bobby Vinton, Blue On Blue
12) Rennaissance, Midas Man

Playlist der Sendung am 26. Juli 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde, A Summer Song
2) Chad@Jeremy, Before And After
3) Razorlight, In The Morning
4) Shamen, Move Any Mountain
5) Ten Sharp, Who Needs Women
6) Margot Werner, Mein Leben ist wie ein Tanz
7) Limp Bizkit, Nookie
8) Terry Stafford, Suspicion
9) Nirvana, SmellsLike Teen Spirit
10) Adam Faith, Only One Such As You
11) Richard Ashcroft, NEew York
12) Country Smith, Low Bad Hurting
13) Stratovarius, 4th Reich Is Rising

Playlist der Sendung am 28. Juni 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Peter Murphy, Cuts you up
2) Gina X, Exhibitionism
3) Richard Marx, Calling you
4) Michael Jackson, One day in your life
5) Paul Jones, And the sun will shine
6) Episode Six, Love Hate Revenge
7) Alex Harvey Band, Faith healer
8) Stone Roses, I wanna be adored
9) Michael McCarthy, Within my world
10) Bill & Buster, I am what I am
11) Bat for lashes, Daniel
12) Dells, Sing a rainbow
13) Happy Mondays, Kinky Afro

Playlist der Sendung am 24. Mai 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Bat for Lashes, Daniel
2) Lilly Allen, The Fear
3) Barclay James Harvest (BJH), Echoes and Shadows
4) Stevie Nicks, Doing the best I can
5) Interpol, Pace is the Trick
6) Yes, Rhythm of Love
7) Led Zeppelin, Whole lotta Love
8) Judy Henske, Road to nowhere
9) Nek, Di Consequenza
10) Javalins, Al Capone
11) White Heart, Raging of the Moon Doug
12) Ashdown, Winter in America

Playlist der Sendung am 26. April 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Dominik, Sunday Morning
2) Stone the Crow, Another one
3) Garbo, Perestroika
4) Lulu, Try to understand
5) Dave Clark 5, Do you love me
6) Billy Fury, Hurting is Loving
7) Helen Shapiro, You don`t know
8) Epicon, Madre Terra
9) Epicon, Take me away
10) Porcupine Tree, Piano Lessons
11) Udo Lindenberg, Die Klavierlehrerin
12) Warhead, Behind my Eyes
13) Barry Mason, Over the Hills and far away

Playlist der Sendung am 22. März 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Rennaissance, Jekyll & Hide
2) Forty Food Echo, Monster
3) Cry before Dawn, Girl in the Ghetto
4) Dave Clark Five, Glad all over
5) Richard Barnes, Take to the Mountains
6) Spiritual Front, I walk the (dead) Line
7) Marshall Scott, Come to me
8) David Meece, This Time
9) Amon Düül 2nd, Archangels Thunderbird
10) Amy Nuttal, So far away
11) St. Louis Union, Eastside Story
12) Hypocrisy, Fracture Millenium
13) Amen Corner, The World of broken Hearts
14) Barclay James Harvest, Brother Trush

Playlist der Sendung am 22. Februar 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Lovin Spoonful, Summer in the city
2) Xavier Cugat, Gesundheit
3) Five Finger Death Punch, The bleeding
4) Mission, Butterfly on the wheel
5) Walker Brothers, Make it easy on yourself
6) Marillion, The last straw
7) Bystanders, This world is my world
8) Steven Wilson, Only child
9) Drawn from Bees, Ready to explode
10) Sons and lovers, Help me
11) White Lies, E.S.T.
12) Yardbirds, Evil hearted you
13) White Lies, The price of love

Playlist der Sendung am 25. Januar 2009, 6140 kHz
1) Shinedown, Second chance
2) Walker Brothers, Deadlier than the male
3) Killers, Human
4) Richard Harris, MacArthur Park
5) Manfred Manns Earth Band, Father of day
6) Frederiks, Goldman, Jones, Nuit
7) Nine, Reflect
8) Katherine Jenkins, How do you leave
9) Alessandro Safina, Luna
10) Editors, All sparks/Camera
11) Shangri-Las, I can never go home anymore

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